GB bits for sale

the following came off my WR400 '99.

i'll sell them anywhere in europe unless someone wants to take them home as hand luggage to the USA.

magura juice clutch £70

magnum top clamp with 10mm lift spacers and clamps for; blue protapers £70

scotts triple clamps and scotts damper £275

unused stroker (S/A) tailpipe plus FMF powerbomb header £250

carmichael fat bars £40

clarke opaque tank and IMS ceet £175

anyone who wants to P/EX my stealy weight + flywheel-ask

same with my gold valve forks

same with my rear shock (both to suit 14 stones/ 90KG)

hell i'll even sell the bike!!



Are you the guy that bought one of the Thunder Alley pipes? Bob said he shipped one to England, just curious.

By the way, none of us over here in the states have any idea what your pricing translates to. I know you're looking for someone on your side of the pond to buy them, it just struck me as funny to see pricing like that.

Lastly, why would anybody ride around with 14 stones in their pockets? :) (that was a joke son)


no thunder alloy pipe for me sorry!

english prices are the same as yours are in dollars to buy. I.E. if it costs you $300 it costs us £300. trouble is that the exchange rate is $1.40 to the £.

i weigh 13 bolders and 10 flintnapps to be precise! 14 pounds makes a stone so i weigh 192 pounds.


Holy what you're saying is, an american should wear rubber underware for the exchange :)

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