2009 YZ450 weird starting bugs

Sometimes when I kick it the kicker won't budge at all. Feels like it needs a compression release. I put it in gear and roll it fwd and no improvement. I just power through it with my leg and finally it moves and problem gone. Sometimes there's very little compression like a release is stuck open. I cycle through the kicker until it finally has compression (about five kicks later). Bike is low hour and when cold/warm it reliably fires first kick but like a two stroke (small throttle blip when starting). Problem occurs when hot. Is something wrong with my exhaust cam automatic compression release?

It happens. Has to do with the auto decompression mechanism. Unless you have an auto clutch like a Rekluse, you can normally put the bike in gear and pull it back a couple inches to free the engine up an re-engage the AD unit. Read:


Thanks for the links. Yes, it does happen often as you describe during slow lug and chug woods crawls when it stalls and the piston lands on the compression stroke. I was rolling it forward in gear and should have went backwards as you suggest. Thank you! :banana:


Not running a Rekluse...... yet...

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