WR 450 FCR carb wheels and bearings

Hi all first time FCR carb guy here.. Im in the process of re-jetting the carb and was cleaning everything. In this process I cleaned the slide, body of the carb where the slide resides the wheels, and bearings on the slide. They were caked with some kinda grease. I went to put the carb back together and the bearings feel really stiff. I've searched around but haven't gotten an definite answer yet.

1)Are the bearings re-greasable?

2) if so what kinda grease?

3) did I just F myself?

thanks in advance.

No grease, just clean wheels and bushing surfaces. They will not spin like hotwheels wheels even when perfect.

If they were caked with 'stuff' they might have gotten scored.

You can usually polish everything out like new with a soft dremel buffer.

If the slide plate is scuffed through (silver showing) it's time to replace it.....and the seal.


Thx for the info.. Im going to try to polish them up a bit..

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