Trying to get a track built.

All TTer’s

The dealership where I got my 426 is thinking of building a track.

He has already worked a deal with someone who constructs them, and is willing to use some extra land he has beside his dealership.

The dealership is just west of Chattanooga, TN so if any of you are close please reply to this message with your thoughts and list if you would pay $100.00 for a yearly membership for unlimited access to the track.

If you are not from this area, please list if you would be willing to pay that amount for a track in your area.

After several replies are made, I told the owner I would print this for him.

Thanks fellow Thumpers

100 bucks!! sweet! I spent 3 times that on diesel fuel for my dozer and backhoe!! And think of the time saved!! I would if I could. until then I'll be workin, and riding in my backyard :D ! I have a track, but it needs more people to form the ruts in my berms! :)

Thre tracks around here are $15-$20/visit. I'd step up and pay $100 for a yearly pass.

I pay a yearly membership fee of $225. Money very well spent.



Damn, we got it made here in Colorado...

Aztec membership is $35/year and $7 visit during the week and

$9 on the weekend. Hours are 10-dark. Two tracks, each prepped

daily and watered as needed. "Where the TRACTION is"

Kudos to the owner/operation, Byron!

Here is a rundown of the Northern CO track fees:


$10.00 per year membership.

Then $10 or $12 a day depending if it is groomed that day or not.

They also sell a season pass for $300.


$10.00 per year membership

$10.00 per day riding


No membership

$7.00 a day to ride

So, I would pay $100 bucks a year for unlimited access. That would be a bargain.

I would definitely pay $100/year. Around here there is only 1 good outdoor track that I know of (within less than a several hour drive north). I would pay several hundred for a yearly pass if it were a well maintained track!

I would say that I'll probably ride near 100 days a year. Multiply that by an average of $15.00 a day entry fee and you've got an annual average cost of $1,500.00 (just in entry fees). So, a hundred bucks is a smokin deal.

Two of my friends and I have paid for Berthoud at $300 year. Its been going up significantly in the last two years, I think I only paid $120 in 1999. But the track maintenance is much better now. Since I have gone 54 times this year, it was worth it rather than pay $540 in track fees.

I find if I get a season pass skiing, I ski alot more because I don't have to shell money out each time, and I feel like I need to go more to make it worth it. Nothing like using psychology on yourself.

That's a hard decision. Riding pass for 365 days/$100. You could buy 2 memberships for the price of todays helmets. I don't thimk anyone would say no to the 100 dollar track.

Thumping my way thru the city.

look at that roost, here comes the squidwerd. :)

I pay 150/year to ride at the off road park in New Jersey. Its got 3 bike tracks, 1 quad track, and a few woods loops. Its not the best track but it cant be beat for 150 bucks!


around here, we got prosource suzuki (indoors!) that is 20 yearly membership, and 20 to go and practice and 40 to go race per class. and then we got milan and that is 35-40 i believe for a membership and and 30 to race per class, if anything im 5 bucks off.

i have a place locally where a local pro built a track and charges $100 a year to ride. I won't do it, though and still go to the local track (where races are held) cuz it's practice where i actually race, and this pro's track is so insanely difficult that i stay away cuz i know i would just end up getting hurt. :):D his track is dangerous. every jump is like straight up and down on both side and at least 65 feet between take-off and landing. some bigger. :D i'll stick to the woods and race day riding, thanks.

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