WR450 Side Cover Removal

Need a hand removing the side cover on my WR450F (I'm replacing the stator and regulator after the issue I reported a few weeks ago.)

I've got what I think are all of the bolts out, and I can't get the cover off. Before I get 'less ginger' with it, I wanted to make sure there's not a trick I'm missing.

Surprised that there's nothing on youtube showing this...let me know if there's a channel that doesn't show up well on search.



There is one bolt behind the starter gear. Remove the two bolts, pry off the gear cover and the gear will fall out. Then you will see the bolt.

One more thing, be carefull when you put the cover back on to get it fully seated before applying torque to the bolts or the cover will crack pretty easy.

Got it, thanks! Sneaky :).

Anything I need to be paying attention to as I swap the stator? I bought the trail tech unit, and I'm trying to figure out why they want me to install an ignition jumper....



All buttoned up. Need oil and a filter, and I'll be ready to try it out. Fingers crossed.


The torq bolts ( funny star shaped heads) that holds the stator on were really tight. I used a hammer impact wrench to get them loose. To me the felt like they were going to round out the holes. Then id have another project I don't want to do

I had to lean on them a little bit, but they came out.

All back together and charging like a champ! Stoked.



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