18" - 19" rear wheels

Hey guys, I was wondering what would be involved in changing a 04 WR450 rear wheel out with a YZ450 rear wheel.

Are the hubs, bearings, axle, discs, etc.. etc.. all the same? I would like to go to a 19" rim to take advantage of a larger variety of tires that are available.



I did this change on my WR426 so I could use 18" dual sport tires on that rim. I'm not sure you'll find a bigger selection on the 19" rim.

It does ride a little rougher and harsher in my opinion off road since you have less side wall. I went up to a 120 width on the 19" for more cushion.

I am going to try a 20 inch front on my WR450F. It should turn much better in the tight Eastern Woods. I bought the 20 inch from a 250F rider, appears it will fit fine. :)

I do this all the time on my 426. The 18 rear is mounted with a Michelin Sirac for street use and the 19 is mounted with a D756. There is absolutely no difference between them so I guess it is the same with the 450s... Check on the yamaha website and go in the parts section so you'll be able to check which part numbers are different from the YZ.

HTH :)

If your talking about the MT410, that tire sure looks like it'll hook up!!! Its a newer version of the old Lagunacross, which I have, and won't run anything else in the sand!!! That thing is amazing! Just like a paddle tire, but AMA legal. Maniac :)

I can attest to your comment on the Lagunacross tire too! I ran one on my TTR250 and it really does hook up in the sand!

It was just a little tall 120/100-18 and raised the bike up about another 1 inch. But they only have that one size available in 18". I was planning on using the same on my new WR450, but this thing is already tall enough! Then these Pirelli guys come out with EVEN a better looking tire for the sand! The MT410, and only make it in 19" rim size. Geeeezzzz, their killing me! :D

The only other choice I see that looks half way close in the IRC M5B 130-80 / 18. It looks pretty knarly for the sand and mud. :)



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