Houston & Louisiana riders !

Hey guy's we got a race at the Longhorn track tomorrow, Saturday the 8th.

Practice starts at 7:00 am, races start at 11:00 am. Main events will be at night around 7:00 pm I believe.

Here is the websiteLonghorn MX

Some of the times may be wrong on the site, but if you scroll to the bottom of the calender page the times are correct.

Hey Motoman393.........are you well yet ?

I got my bike back together, we'll see how she breaks in at the races.

Later, Jason :)

It looks like the trails got rained out this weekend and they are closed! So I guess I will be MX'ing this weekend! We probably will be going to Splendora saturday (sunday if theyre closed Sat.), but they average 300 people a day on the weekends so it is packed! But well worth it because the track is by far the best in the southern TX area (if you like Floresville and Swan MX you will love Splendora)! Later,



I am going to ride trails tomorrow at New Waverly (north of conroe), to get back in shape and get used to my bike again! My collarbone is about 90% healed and I want to step it up gradually (I am waiting another week before I MX again). I will be riding at Splendora MX track next weekend, and will be dialing in my suspension! We are for sure planning a trip up to Longhorn during Christmas break! But you have got to see this track in Splendora in will "sock your knocks off" LOL! Well I gotta go install my spark arrestor and clean my camelback for tomorrow (they havent been used in over a year)! Later,


Splendora is racing Sunday to make up last week's rainout...and aren't open Sat. for practice(unless he changes his plans). I went out there and practiced yesterday(Fri.), and it was pretty wet, but it's not bad with all the sand they have. Traction was huge, and the 125's were burning up clutches just trying to move. It was wide open in 4th to double the triple stepup on my 450! It sure was fun though! See ya round motoman.

Hey Jason check your Private Messages!! Later,


This is shaping up to be another wet weekend, come on out to the Longhorn with all the other Houston guy's.


Who is # 591 from Houston on a YZ 85 ? That guy is flying.

The owner of Highlands was at Longhorn last Sunday with a couple of guy's (I guess his sons ?)

One got hurt..........but he was flying.

Motoman send me a e-mail, I didn't get a private message.

Later, Jason

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