Well...I've been looking into building a nitrogen system in the garage for recharging shocks.

Looks like I can take the traditional route and go with the welding supply unit, (tank, regulator, etc) or possibly use one of the paintball systems.

I think I'm going to go with a paintball unit with custom hose. A lot more portable and less industrial.

Thoughts? Ideas?


I have a thought AND a question. First, safety should be the most important factor in desgining such a setup. These are high pressure systems and people have been killed by projectiles when pressure is released unexpectedly.

Second; does it matter what type of nitrogen is used? Medical or industrial grade?

When you get done, I hope you'll share your setup here with pics.

hey dave..i see you in campbell..i'm at want to get a ride goning ?

Yea...that'd be cool.

My bike is in science project mod at the moment, but I should have it completed by next week.

Been doing mostly track stuff. What do you prefer?

If I get this thing together I may head up to ClubMoto for some testing. Ever been?


BTW - I'm close. Near John D. Morgan park (Winch/Campbell).

I never thought about a paintball set up. I just wonder how much they are. I screwed around trying to make a welding rig work. The size of the fitting on the nitrogen tank is different than oxygen or acetylene. I pieced one regulator together, screwed around with it trying to get it to work well and finally just bought the set up complete from Race Tech, and then had a super mondo, high zoot, deluxe hose made for $15 at the local hydraulic hose shop.

Industrial grade nitrogen can be used.

tommorow sat 12-15-01 hollisters gp track is open for practice and sunday is golden state race one..i'm going to try to be there for both..and if that washes out..a quick trip to metcalf..i'll send a message with phone

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o forstrokes is my home handle..this is work


One of my nitro bottles came from a local gas supply company. They sold me a used 57# bottle with a 3 year certification for 60.00, filled.

He also sold a an adapter to use an oxygen gauge for 5.00.

The price on all new equiptment was about 450.00!!

It pays to call around.

Take care, John

I have a setup that Kent Moore sold. Instead of a regulator, it has the two gauges arranged with a large needle valve. It is fast and easy to manipulate the pressure.

On the business end of the hose I have put an open minature quick coupling. My inflators then plug right in for quick change of the various adapters.PT

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