XR650L question...

Hi All,

I have a 97' XR650L with stock Keihin CV carb and am about to head down for the Baja. I bought it from a guy up in Tahoe {6000ft} (I'm from Las Vegas{~2200ft}) and I have noticed that when I let off the throttle it smokes (and I think there may be an evil blueish tint). It is in the shop right now, having the valves adjusted. I will replace the stem valve oil seal. I think if it were passing oil though the pistons it would smoke all the time? I have yet to check the jetting, but I would imagine if anything the bike should be lean and not rich if it were jetted for higher elevation. Is it possible for the bike to actually smoke if lean and that the slow jet is off (works perfectly at high rpms). I would really appreciate your input as it is coming down to the wire. I am trying to get as ready as possible. Thanks in advance. :)

Post this question to the Yahoo xrlug user group. Someone on there will be able to answer your question. There is a lot experience with the L in that group. I do imagine you will need to change the jetting due to the lower elevation. I am sure the valve adjustment will help matters also. I agree to that if oil were being passed into the cylinder, you would see smoke all the time. I'm at a lower elevation and I run mine with a 162 main jet, 55 pilot jet, UNI filter, WB E exhaust. Mine smokes some when first started on a cold morning and I only have 3500 miles on mine. A little smoke might be symtomatic of an air cooled motor. :)

Thanks man...will do :)

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