2009 Swingarm on 2008 YZ450F?

Wondering if anybody has done this? I just bought a 2008 YZ450F and I have some parts lying around from a 2009 YZ450F that I parted out a few months ago. I have the full rear brake system, linkage, swingarm, and rear axle. I plan on buying some new wheels for the bike soon so after looking at what I have I figure I may as well swap that 09 swingarm onto the bike and just get a wheel that fits the 25mm axle when I buy the wheels. Are there any more parts other than what I just mentioned to do the swap or any other reasons why it can't be done?

Once you have a rear wheel from a 09 model (or a 09 hub) and the axle blocks of course, everything will fit with no problem at all.

Awesome!! Should be done in a week or so. Thanks

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