Dead Engine Start

I can start my bike on the first kick warm or cold, EXCEPT when on the line for a dead engine start in a hare scramble. This is my 2nd season racing 4stroke B. I do ok, but lousy off the start. I have been left kicking and kicking to point that I have to pull the hot start button to get it running. Last week it started then I stalled it as soon as I started to let out the clutch. Then it was back to Kicking and kicking. Any tips would be appreciated.

If you stall it, use the hot start. If it is cold, Pull in the decomp lever, twits the throttle open, give it 2 or 3 kicks, this will give you a little extra fuel for a cold start, pull the choke and start as normal with no throtthe. Make sure you NEVER give it gas when kicking to start. This is what works for me and it works at -3f.



i'm serious. it's all nerves.

you KNOW how to do it.

you CAN do it.

you must be wacking the throttle on the line when the flag goes. i know, i did this for 2 years on my '98. i just loved being 31st off the line out of 33. especially in the summer dust of central texas. you could NOT ask for a worse start.

now, with my 250F, i'm doing much better (that is until the last race where *I* did the same thing).

practice, practice, practice. if you have a yard you don't mind ripping up, practice in it. have somebody give ya a start in the yard. i did 8 of them last night. will do that many tonight in prep for my HS race this weekend. i have a 3rd, holeshot, holeshot and an 8th to the first turn this year. wanna guess which week i didn't practice? it starts with an # bigger than 4. :)

calm and focused on the line after doing practice at home!

My procedure on the dead engine start on my 426..get up on the line, click into 2nd, rev the bike good 2-4 times while in gear. Shut down the bike, I usually start it each time the classes before me leave the line. It fires every time. Being confident at the line is the biggest part, knowing your bike is key, and being relaxed.

I know it's mental. I go into it thinking that its not going to start, and guess what happens. At first I was doing practice starts when the AA & A riders would take off. It would start every time until it was time for my class to go. Then I decided that I was getting it too hot, so I will get it warmed up then cut it off until time to go. I still have problems. One time it did that thing where you go the kick it over and it's like it's frozen in stone you have to pull the decomp and try again. My buddy was telling me that he gets his KLX 300 all warmed up then stalls it by dumping the clutch instead of using the kill switch. He said that it doesn't flood that way.


I thought I was the only one left kicking on the line while the others got the "dust bowl" ready for us. At least you didn't have to be dragged around by a tractor(cr500) to get your bike fired of the trailer. We WILL figure this thing out this weekend!!!! :)

C-ya there,



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I race D37 and the Nationals (4-stk Am) as well. The key to a one kick start for me is this:

1. Always use a stand about 6-8 inches tall to stabilize your left foot. This will give you a firm solid kick.

2. Set-up the position of the kick starter. You know the drill.

3. Hover over the kick starter with your foot but don't push on it until the flag drops.

4. When you kick, it's hard but just try to focus on your bike's revs. When you are positive it has started, roll the throttle on and dump the clutch. Don't crack the throttle unless you are positive it has started!

For my starts, I'm always about 1 second slower than the other guys, but I make sure my bike is running, otherwise you just roll the throttle on, flood the bike and waist yourself trying to start it again.

I've never lost a 90 mile race for losing 1 second off the start.

Hope this helps!



Canadians ride hard too!

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Originally posted by Greg C:

My buddy was telling me that he gets his KLX 300 all warmed up then stalls it by dumping the clutch instead of using the kill switch. He said that it doesn't flood that way.

I'm not sure why that would work for your buddy's KLX, but I know that whenever I stall my WR (either through stupidity, or in tight, nasty stuff) it will usually not start without pulling the hot start button. When I shut it down with the kill switch, and restart while still warm, it starts first kick every time.

i warm the bike at low revs & then snick it into gear at tickover & stall it.

now i have a CLEAN PLUG & a bike definately IN GEAR.

i always stall the bike not at the last moment but about 1 or 2 minutes before the flag drops. by doing this i know that there is no fuel vapourisation or air locks in the carb.

don't stall a hot engine at the last second.

think about it!!!

what's the only change to you stalling it as you ride along?

1) your on a different fuel circuit.

2) you've boiled the engine on the line!


Jeff, I am not going to make the Martinsville Race. I will see you at Ivor.

I think I am going to take SUnruh's advice and start practicing the dead engine starts.


I will also be practicing, I need to keep Jason right where he is. :) He is too fast to be that close in the points. Sorry your not going to make Martinsville, It's a good track. I'll see you at Ivor.



'98 YZ400F

'01 YZ250F

'98 CBR600F3

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