Saddleback practice--Thurs 12-13

Hey So. Cal. TT'ers,

Thumpy, Harold in So Cal and I are going to go to Saddleback for practice Thursday, 12-13. Any other of our fellow TT'ers who want to meet up there are welcome. It will be nice to be able to put some faces with these names.

I'll be in my red Ford F-250 extra cab with my YZ426 which has black backgrounds with white #44. I'll try to get there around 8;30ish. I will be going with the flow of morning traffic so who knows what may happen!!

Answer up here so I'll know who to look for.


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If it is still open on Thursday (rumers of it closing the 10th) myself and a buddy will be out there. I have a silver raised 95 F-150. I have a 02 yz426 w/o numbers and pro circuit exhaust. My name is Eric see you out there? Ride Blue!!!

WR 400- no numbers Ty Davis Tank. Guy riding slow. Blue Ford Explorer with a Moto-Jack Rack.


How far is the track from your house?? About 5 minutes???



It takes me 25 minutes, front door to front gate. It would be quicker but half the drive is city streets with stop lights. It would be about 15 minutes without the lights. Looks like it'll be a good gathering...

I'll be there from about 10-2:00 on a '99 with black backrounds,#63. My car is a wht. Range Rover. Was there last thurs for the first time, had a blast.

I could get there after work around 3pm, but you guys will be all burned out and loaded up by then.

As long as there is no bad weather, it looks like the track will be open Thursday. :):D


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Hey guys,

I will try to make it out there Thursday @ 10:30. I have the day off from work and will be hanging out w/ my son's Kindergarten class from 8-9:30. Been trying to scrape up gear so I can break in my bike and hopefully I can put something together for thursday. I would love to break it in at Saddleback w/ you guys. I will add a message Wednesday pm or thursday am (early) if it works out.

2002 yz426F (not a scratch on it YET, but i want to change that)


Figures, I'm screwed for tomorrow, can't make it responsibility intervenes. Damn....

So, how was it? (It had to be better than work).

Originally posted by thumpy:

So, how was it? (It had to be better than work).


Not going until tomorrow, Thurs, Dec. 13th!!! Now that you know it is Thurs instead of Wed, maybe you can go???

If not, I'll be sure to let you know how it was!! :)


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How was it now? I'm so busy I don't know what day it is. Anyway, a bunch of my guys left for the annual mexico xmas migration which put me in deep trouble on a couple jobs so I'm now trying to pick up where those monkeys left off.

Anyway, let me know how it went.


The track was groomed pretty well, the weather was great and Harold in So Cal and YZFJim are really nice guys. Those are the only two I saw and talked to there.

Harold did his best Jeff Emig imitation by over jumping the finish table by about 10 feet. He did not crash but left at the end of the day with sore feet and ankles.

Jim rides his YZ-F pretty smooth. He is about 8 feet tall and is able to soak up alot of the roughness of the track with his legs. All in all a fun day.

My hands are like hammered horse jerky. Can't wait until next time!!!!


Ya, it's easy to misjudge that table. It took me several runs at it to get the approach speed memorized. I was all over the place, under jumping then over jumping. It was killin me till I got it figured out. Now I'm working on placing the landing so I can set up for the triple.

Sounds like it was fun. It'll be a few weeks before I'll be able to get out there again (work next week, on the east coast the week after that, then maybe I'll have a chance to get over there the first week of January).

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