Canadian 2004 WR 450 vs. U.S WR 450 F

What's the difference in 2004. I understand that they are the same in terms of exhaust, but the Canadian version has no throttle stop or grey wire.

Anybody know if this is true or any other differences.

Which one performs better out of the crate ???

What changes or mods are a must on the Canadian version ???

Abolute musts are jetting and suspension. Everything else is just personal preferences.

Willy Fitz

I don't know about the 04's but I just bought an 03.

The jetting is richer in the Canadian one out of the box compared to the USA one. That is what the great owners manual says anyway.

I don't think there is anything to uncork, but the bike would probably work better with an aftermarket pipe and some new jetting.

I'll try to tame the uncorked version first.

Thanks guys. I wonder if anyone knows if the 2004 Canadian WR has the same exhaust as the U.S. 2004 WR ???

I read somewhere that the exhausts are the same this year, & that you can uncork the Canadian.

I wish i could get an answer for certain. I may have to just wait & see when mine arrives.

Abolute musts are jetting and suspension. Everything else is just personal preferences.

Willy Fitz

Is the suspension on the Canadian Bike setup differently? My dealer is making me wonder if he will ever get a bike and I am thinking about going through Motorcycle Brokers and saving $200.00 in the process.

Hope this answers your question.

I did an extensive look over of the '04 CDN WR450 at the Toronto bike show earlier this month and then asked to speak to one of the Yamaha Canada sales engineers (not a store rep). I had to wait a bit to speak to him but it was worth it.

According to "Yamaha" the changes over the '03 are an improved starter design to prevent the issues plaguing the '03's, richer jetting, improved front forks and what appeared to me to be the US exhaust system complete with a removable spark arrestor.

When I queried the guy on the exhasut he assured me that it was a "Canadian only" spark arrestor which is far less restrictive than the US version, and that there is:

NO grey wire,

NO throttle stop

and that the new exhaust will have almost zero impact on performance over the stock '03 sealed can. Personally it looked a little more restrictive than the '03 CDN can but not as small an opening as the US can.

I asked the questions two or three different ways and Mr. Yamaha was well prepared. Twenty minutes later he had answered everything to my satisfaction.

If I didn't love my '01 426 so much I'd definitely say this is the year for a switch.

Good luck in your research.

Just got my Canadian WR450 on Friday. I too was tired of waiting for my dealer, and went with Wired them the money, and it was on a plane in two days.

The exhaust is the same as the US model. Remove the three bolts, pull out the stock plug, and stick in a PMB insert. Big difference. I'm pretty sure the throttle stop is the same as the US model. Throttle only rotates about 1/3 turn, and I know it has to have more. Haven't gotten into the carb yet, but based upon the extra jets (165 and 155) that came with the bike, I think it is jetted the same as the US model. Give me a week or so, and I'll let you know what I find out.

If you do happen to get a crate bike, the manual doesn't give you a listings of the exact steps needed for assembly. If you are semi-mechanically challenged (like me), feel free to email and I maybe I can help.

I think i may be able to slap the bike together. I have a motorcycle repair shop & work on bikes part time. Alot of time putting together bikes for the local dealers.

Anyway that was the best information to date. Thanks alot !!! My bike isn't due until Febuary. I can't wait to tool with it. After the 30 day warranty of course.

I believe the free mods will be the extent of any performance enhancing. I can't wait to go fishing on the beast. My Big Green is a handful in the tight stuff !!!

Update: I was able to find time to play with the carb this weekend. The Canadian jetting is the same as the U.S. model (160 main, etc). Also had two exhaust leaks. :) Not sure if that's standard on the U.S. model.

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