09 yz450 Help

Hey everyone I just purchased a 2009 yz450 yesterday. I am very new to 4 strokes, I have always rode 2 strokes all my life. When getting home yesterday I decided to go for a little ride, I did pop a few wheelies(not sure if relevant). After coming to a stop I noticed 2 things 1. it was idling very high for about a minute or so. 2. after sitting a few minutes I noticed a small oil leak out of the breather tube. Not sure if either of these are a typical with 4 strokes or not, so I appreciate any help on the topic!!!! :ride:

The oil drop is normal.

For the idle, first try adjusting the pilot screw mixture setting:




If that fails to resolve the issue, be certain that the hot start is closing (start the bike cold with the choke on, then as it's idling, pull the hot start. The RPM should rise as you open it, and fall as you release it). Then, look for obvious air leaks around the carb joint, and follow that by checking your valve clearances, particularly the intake.

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