will 04 spokes work on 2014 wheel?

this might be dumb but last night i broke 2 spokes on the rear wheel on my 2014 yz 450. it will take over a week to get new ones. i have a 04 yz 450 can i use two spokes from that bike an put them on my 14?

You should be able to, yes.

also when the spokes broke it broke a seal for the wheel bearing. which is the cheapest material i have ever seen. it almost looks like it doesnt need to be there. its a sealed bearing and theres no way that seal kept contaminents out. whats your thoughts on that. replace it with stock or make a new one?

Used to be there was a dust shield, usually steel, attached to the spacers, and that kept the big stuff away from the actual bearing seal. Then, variably, the wheel bearing was either sealed or not. If it's just something like the dust shield, you could fab up something temporary easily enough.

was looking at the part numbers for the 04 and the 14 for the spokes and there different part numbers so thats not a good sign.

Not a bad one, either, all by itself. The '14 spokes are the same as the '09's. Pull one out and compare them.

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