motor swap yz 426

hey just lookin for some help. trying to figure out if I can put any year yz 426 engine into the 01 frame. I was lookin at a 2002 yz426 engine n I want to put it on my 01 frame. will I run into any trouble? or shuld they swap out no problem??? thank you.

If the swing arm pivot fits the the '02 engine, it should drop right in. If it doesn't, you can switch the steel collars that push into the crankcases at the rear hard point with the '01, and the whole thing will go as if it were made for the job. .

thanks! neway i could look it up online somehow?

Neway? English, please.

anyway* sorry lol. I sent u a message tho

Yamaha's parts site shows the same swing arm pivot and bearings for both years.

The engine will fit, subject only to the conditions I mentioned.

ok cool thank you. and the 01 carb will work for the 02 engine?


just found out its actually a 2000 engine. will it still fit on my 01 frame n will my 01 carb work on it? sorry for bothering u


Yes, the carb will work. The engine will also fit, same as I said earlier.

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