Who has the most miles on their wr?

Just wondering how many miles/km you guys have on your bikes?

Please state weather it's offroad only or dual purpose use.

My 06 had 7200 of dual purpose

My 09 is up to 2400 of offroad only

My 08 is just past 6K miles of off road use

Nearly 10k on my 07! engines never been apart and valves are still in spec! she will be getting a rebuild at the 10k mark (big bore kit,bearings,seals etc,) Not because it needs it but, because I would like the peace of mind of having a fresh engine.

2002 wr426. Just went over 12,000 miles yesterday since I dual sported it in 2010. Has move than that but do not know how much since the previous owner just had the trip meter on it. Valves are still in spec and have never needed an adjustment. The thing starts first kick 95% or the time. Fantastic bike. Thinking of changing the timing chain in the not to distant future.

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