Rear brake stripped threads HELP!

I bought a new torc1 rear brake pedal and some how managed to strip threads while putting main bolt back through frame hole. Bolt turns inside of frame but will not catch on threads inside. What can be done?

I still can't believe I did this. I tried to run the bolt through from the back side but the linkage for my rear shock is in the way. I watched the video and it looks fairly simple. Although I am a bit nervous to drill out the threads as I don't want to f up even more and then have to get a new frame. All ideas are very much welcomed at the moment

Get yourself a helicoil kit ($20 off ebay) No need for the more expensive ones in your case. Dont worry. They are real easy to install!

Well got it taken car of so no more stripped threads. Now the issue is that the Torc1 rear brake pedal does not fit. The bolt that goes throught the pedal and into the frame will not go into the new pedal with out several taps from a hammer. It slides in the stock one with nothing more than some slight effort with my hands.

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