99 yz400f

I'm looking at buying one any known issues? Any help would be appreciated

Old age and high mileage. That and poor maintenance. (also an increasing lack of availability of some parts)

The 400's were heavy, but pretty bullet proof. OTOH, some people can screw up anything.

I have a 99 yz400f I have riden for woods riding and it has been on some wicked trails. The only thing I can say is it can over heat easy but it is very reliable, never give me any trouble on the trail. A good ride all around just keep it cool.

Had mine for about two years and still loving it. No complaints so far

Hope you bought it....


I have a 98 and love it; I ride mostly trail but do take it to the local track at times too and it is far more bike than I have the skills for.  I would call the trail ridding I do very agressive and it has never let me down or left me wishing for a new bike except when it did have some starting issues for a bit.  It is bullet proof, mine should have been torn down about 8 times by now; I just keep riding it and will until it self destructs.  It still runs great, the valves are always spot on and it doesn't overheat on me even when barely moving while waiting on others.


Some suggestions are to run engine ice coolant or equivalent, check the water pump shaft & seal, make sure you verify oil flow & pressure after each oil change, & upgrade to a 450 carb it not already done.

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