So I'm about to make the plunge....

I'm concidering wr/yzf 400/426/450

I know the WR stands for wide Ratio, and the yzf has the more track oriented gear ratio, but could one of you guys gimme the low down.

I've been looking aroung, and please correct me if I'm wrong.

WR trail/MX 5 gears?

YZR serious MX 4 gears?

I'm more inclined to go towards A WR... for a couple reasons.. I want 5 gears, and I will ride technical trails, and very little to No MX...

on the other hand, I will get a street plate, and possible some motard rims (17") I'm guessing with the right street sprocket setup, the 5speed WR will be better for any longer rides I may take off on....

Ok please let the corrections begin




Only the 2003 and newer YZ450 is a 4 speed. The YZ426 and YZ400's are all 5 speeds.

Sounds like you need a WR. If you buy a WR400/426, you can advance the timing to YZ so you essentially have a YZ with a wide ratio tranny, which is what I've done.

I also have an extra set of rims, not 17's but I do ride it on the street occasionally and a 4 speed would suck IMO. I'm looking for 6th gear most of the time as it is.

Most of the YZ parts fit the WR so it helps a lot.

Another thing to consider is that if you want to street legal the bike the WR already has a lighting coil to power it. With the YZ you'll have to add it.

You want a WR for technical riding. Low end 1st gear,18" rear wheel, e-start, extra gallon of gas, Larger Rad, overflow bottle etc. Suspension is better for nasty terrain. WR for everything but true competitive MX racing. :)

I have the YZ-426 and one of my riding partners has a WR-400 that is YZ timed (cam timing). In a straight drag both bikes were real close to even. However, in the tight trails the gearing of the WR really came to life. We then went to the local MX track (Albany Oregon) and of course my YZ shined there. But I as you mainly ride the trails so I made a gearing change to make for better woods riding. So... as stated in an earlyer post. The WR sounds like the best fit. Keep in mind that you really don't miss out on much performance between the two. The YZ can be made to run like a WR and the WR can be made to run like the YZ. It's a matter of where do you want to spend your money.

Juat My Opinion.


I just bought a wr 426 because I got a good deal and it was nice. 2002 wr 426 w/85miles on it all I did was change the pipe to w/b e-series jetted it put a switch on the grey wire for 2 different ignition timings and I love it I ride a lot of trails in calif, I'm finally getting used to it its a little heavy but way more torquey power than any 2 stoke I ever rode.Lots of low end power.Lovin my wr 426. and I have a green sticker for any time of the year for the ohv parks. :):lol:

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