imma big guy and i cant find boots to fit over my calves... ive tried an AXO size 15 and a stars size 13, i wear a 13 shoe. right now im wearing some work boots but the problem is that i already kicked a hole through them and now whenever i kick a bike, its basically my foot on the kickstarter and boy does it hurt! can someone recommend me a boot or something?

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! 13 shoe!! How do you keep your newnan from gettin tangled in the bars? I tuck mine down in my boot so as not to confuse it with my camelback system :)

I have big calves also, but the alpinestars and axo worked for me. You may have to send your boots to alpinestar or axo and have them enlarge the calf area of the boot. Shouldn't be a problem as alpinestar resoles their boots so I would imagine they could modify it to your needs.

Good luck!

haha, lol....thanx

I have a pair of AXO RC-2 sz.13 blue/white only 3 rides on them.

100 bucks or?

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