01 wr 426 won't idle

Bought a 426 that has been sitting up for a few years. Changed the plug cleaned the tank and it fired right up. It wouldn't run without the choke on. So I replaced the pilot jet and rebuilt the carb. I also moved the jet needle clip down two places to the#2 position. Put it back together and now it will only start with the hot start out. If you push it back in the bike dies. If you hit the throttle it dies. If you pull the choke out it won't start. Took the carb back apart and put it all back to the settings when I first took it apart. This is my setup now. 170 main 42 pj pjs turned all the way in. Has a pro circuit exhaust . I adjusted the flot to 8mm. It still won't idle and only starts with the hot start out. Any ideas? The guy I bought it from said it ran rough when he owned it

Could be a few probs:

Choke plunger stuck out.

Fuel screw tip broken off or not seating.

Throttle slide plate upside down.

Idle screw set too high.

My guess is choke plunger or fuel screw stuffed.

You are rich.

See if the main air jet in the intake bell is clogged, or if the choke plunger is leaky

If the bike will idle, albeit fast, with the choke on, then the pilot jet is plugged. In my experience this is usually the case. I've had good luck dumping the old gas, putting in fresh heavily dosed with sea foam fuel treatment. make sure the float bowl is full of the mixture and let it sit overnight. Next day ride the piss out of it with lots of throttle chopping to force fuel up through pilot jet. Good luck.


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