have any of you noticed this?

I ride at 4 different tracks in my area, and I'm on a '00 426. I'm a mid pack and up over 30 vet. I have noticed that maybe 1 out of 30 bikes is a thumper, and they are usually vets like me. I've also noticed in the last couple years that I rarely see a truly fast rider on a thumper. I know of maybe a couple, but most of the really fast guys are on 2 strokes, and in my area it's generally CR's. In the pro and expert races I can only remember seeing one other 4 stoke and it was a YZ250F (this guy would be fast on a Honda trail 90). These tracks draw from between 50 and 300 bikes too. Have any of you noticed this in your areas? The reason I'm asking is that I'm due for a new ride in one more year, and I'm leaning to the CR250. Thanks in advance...


In SoCal there are a lot of fast guys on 4 strokes. I see a lot of YZF's and now I'm starting to see quite a few of the new CR450f's.

Ya, a lot of very fast guys on thumpers out here, as a matter of fact, it's probably half and half here.

There's a lot of fast thumper pilots here. Most YZF mounted, but a good number now on CRFs. I also see a smattering of Husabergs, KTMs, and even a Cannodale now and then.

When I go to practice during the week there's always a good half a dozen thumpers out on the track at any one time.

I don't know?

EVER hear of a guy named TIM FERRY?

I have seen one of the fastest riders I have ever seen at a arena cross here in ut on a 426. Not sure what his name is but he hangs out with POSIE/and Madrono. The 3 of them and 1 other were RiPPiN' it up! Pretty impressive! They were all taking turn clearing a 90 triple with about a 75 runup out of a 90dgr corner! WOW! The next week they lengthened the runup to 85-90ft and a couple of times there were 3 at a time hoppin' it! The really impressive part was that there was about 50' to shut it down and 180 right hander!

WOW! :)

I think Timmy has a chance to slap that #1 plate on in 03' after the 02' season!

Originally posted by MikeOK:

I have noticed that maybe 1 out of 30 bikes is a thumper

Makes it easy for your family and friends to find where you are on the track!!!!!


It comes down to this, guys who are fast, are fast on any bike. The 426 kicks ass and two strokes are going to be put to the way side in the coming years. I have had more fun on mine in one year than I ever did on a YZ 250! On a two stroke the torque just isnt there. :) _____________ 2001 YZ 426F ________1996 XR 650L

I have a 01 CR250 and 01 426 and am a front pack +25 intermidiate/Vet expert in socal. I think I run pretty fast and know some big name pro friends I ride with to keep me pushin. My point is- I find I am faster on the 426 but am more inspired on the 250. The 426 things are fairly smooth and predicable and ocassionally boring. But it's great at getting the job done and then some. The 250 is a little more interesting and can be ridden allot more aggresive. You can't be quit as lazy if you want to go fast. I have great fun on both, it just depends on what kinda mood I'm in. I am a little quicker on the 426 though.

'bout half and half up here in the s.f. bay area on the tracks,but my local state ohv park has mostly thumper riders....: )

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Fast guys are fast on anything. My buddy has a 1984 CR250 that he bought new, In the last 15 years he has bought a house ,raised a family ,and raced dirt late models for 5 years. He can still get on that old bike and keep up with just about anyone, he just has to ride harder to do it! (I'm sure that you all know somebody like this).

Im in Central Florida, and today at a local track, there were only 5 thumpers versus about 50 2 strokes. My bike's tranny popped today, but I did get to ride a 01' 250 2 stroke, and I'm a little torn between which one I liked better in the sand. On hard-pack, no doubt a 426, but today I felt better on the 2 stroke, anyone got an opinion on that?? Maybe it was the weight difference.

Where I ride, there might be 5-10 thumpers and probably 60 2-strokes. I prefer it that way. I don't agree about the slow guys being on the 4-strokes though. Fast guys will always be fast guys regardless of what they ride. Whether they're riding a YZ250, a 426 or a YZ125, they'll still rip.I know a guy that could rip me apart on a PW80. The bike does play into it a bit, but it's 90% rider.



4 Strokes haven't taken over yet, but I imagine 5 years from now 2 strokes might not be obselete but it will be close. I rode at my local track in Danville Va., couple of weeks ago and out of 60 bikes probably 15 were 4 strokes. The triple at the track nobody was hitting except the thumpers. I ride with about 15 other bikes in my area and everyone of my ridin buddies wants a 426 after ridin mine. I haven't had any one out run me yet. Plain and simple the YZF 426 is the best motocross bike ever!!! Rip it!! :)

The ratio definitely isn't that low out here. Granted, there are more thumpers in the +30 and up classes, but even at practice there are many thumpers rolling around the track. Most of the guys riding them are fast, too.

It is still such a great feeling when you run up on a 2-stroker and they turn around because of all the racket!

Thump, thump, thump........

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Hey Thumpin'Rock Hucker,

Finally!!!! someone agrees with me. I honesly feel that Ferry has what it takes to be sporting the #1 plate in 2003.

As for thumpers in the North Texas Area, it's like a 1 to 10 ratio. Maybe a little more depending on the tracks. I agree that most of the faster riders are on the two smokers. However,in just the last few months I've seen 4 very fast riders change over to thumpers in my home town. :)

Thanx for the thread..I'll look alot closer next time i'm at the track.


I agree with the sand thing. IMO there is nothing like the snap of a 2-stroke to pull you out of the sand, but everywhere else it is ripping my arms off! The thumpers seemed to outnumber the 2-strokes at the local track for about a year, now there seem to be less of them. I know a few people who have gone back to mixing.


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