05 YZ450F Forks

Hello all been awhile since I've been on here.

My left lower fork tube is loose in the base where the axle clamp is. From what I can tell it's a press fit part and you cannot do any tightening. Its loose enough that you can see it move when the brakes are applied and I'm losing fork oil through it, so it needs to be fixed or replaced soon.

Where can I get this part for a reasonable price? Or am I stuck buying new forks? What years can I get forks for?

I tried searching but didn't see what I'm looking for.

Thanks for any help.

i think you are right --- that is a pressed in part. You may want to post a photo and get some more feedback.

There are fork parts out there that should work fine - but much of the 2005 fork is one year only.

It's not pressed, it's threaded. There is a set screw on the lug (the aluminum part) that locks it in place, and in order to reseal or replace the lug, the damage done to the steel threads on the fork tube by the set screw must be cleaned up by drilling a small way into the tube before removing the lug. Special clamping fixtures are needed to hold the fork tube during this operation so as not to damage or distort the tube.

The lugs are available from KYB parts dealers like SMART Performance or Suspension Direct. A local suspension shop will be able to change or reseal it for you.

Thanks sandman and Gray, I will take the fork off soon and try to analyze if I can indeed tighten the tube back up.

I don't like any of the shops in the area so getting parts may be a hassle.

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