New throttle cables, now won't start. 99 WR400

Hey all. Been looking and can't seem to find anything related to this... so I'm hoping thecollective experiences of the Gurus at TT can help! :thumbsup: (it's a 99 WR400)

I dropped my bike two weeks ago in the woods, and must have been holding on hella tight, because i snapped one of the throttle cables at the carb :foul: , where it attaches to the little fob/barrel thingie (the one that pulls the throttle closed). Thankfully the spring was fine :ride: , and this cause only a lot of slack in the throttle tube at idle. I was able to ride the bike back to the truck. It has started and run with the bunk cable no problem. I got new ones ordered in, and installed them. I disassembled the throttle tube assembly on the bars, and then removed the throttle wheel case (name?) at the carb, loosened the 10mm nuts and removed. I then threaded the cables behind the odo, thru the guide on the frame, and had some resistence pushing them past the head. i even counted the number of threads that were exposed on the old cables as a starting point for the new ones. Everything linked up without incident, everything seemed to be going too smoothly. Mind you I was about 4 or 5 beers into it after supper last night, and the bugs were BAD. So i was in no hurry to start it and continue to get eaten alive.

I NEEDED to run it, then test drive it (as I told wifey: I also put new brakes on the back end -- have to make sure I did it right, honey... wouldn't want to find out something is wrong after a 3 hour ride into nowhere!) ;) This morning, I pulled it into the driveway to start it... and it just won't. It tried on the first kick, and hasn't even sputtered since then. I didn't put the throttle wheel cover back onto the carb yet, in case it needed some adjustments. Might that have anything to do with it?

So far this morning I have kicked the living bejeebers out of it, then took off the rad shrouds, seat, and tank. Detached the cables, reattached the cables, and double checked the plug wire, and the other wiring harnesses next to the frame (in case I buggered something up shoving the cables through the first time. All appear to be normal.

Any idea's what I could be missing? I'm royally frustrated. THANKS in advance for taking the time to read though my problem!

PS - before anyone gives me advice on choke/decomp/priming etc... I DO know how to start my bike. Had it for 4 years now, never had to kick it more than twice.

I'm thinking by moving the throttle around a fair bit you flooded the cylinder and subsequently fouled the plug from the AP squirting.

I would pull the plug kick it a bit and put a new plug in as a start.

Check the simple things. Is there spark? Is there gas?

Is your cable holding your throttle open? That would cause starting issues.

When you were threading the cable under the frame, could you have pulled a connecter loose? Nicked a wire?

What brand of beer were you drinking? Lite or regular?

Were they BIG bugs, or little bugs?

I had a friend stop by with a multimeter. Plug is getting juice. Connectors all good. Fuel is getting a far as the carb, that must I know. I'm stumped :-$ I took it to a shop... I don't want to waste riding time in my VERY short season trouble shooting. Hopefully have it back for less than a small fortune. thanks guys. I'll let you know what they find.

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