OEM exhaust packing or aftermarket ?

My exhaust is starting to have a distintive canister soud and I was wondering if anyone has used the OEM stuff, and what aftermarket stuff would work just as well and last as long.

I will buy the OEM if its the best, its just a little pricey.

One more thing, are the rivets a standard diameter ? I have a rivet gun and plenty of rivets but dont know if these in the silencer are standard and if I need to buy OEM ones.

(01 426)

Later, Jason


I use stainless steel wool for muffler packing. It lasts much longer than anything else I have tried. I pack it as tight as I would if I were using fiber packing. You should be able to get it from your local hardware store. Make sure you get stainless steel wool and not the regular steel wool.

The rivets are 3/16ths. I have used both aluminum and stainless rivets. The stainless rivets hold better than the aluminum ones but, either will work.


Whenever you take the stock rivets out... You can drill and tap the hole where the rivet was and use little bolts, instead of rivets! I did this to my stock muffler and it is MUCH easier to take apart in comparison to rivets! Later,


If you can use screws, use them. My rivets wallowed out the holes really bad. I ended up welding small SS nuts on the inside and bolting the back end of the canister - much better. Don't forget to use Hi-temp silicon to seal it. I used SS wool to pack also, but wrapped that with exhaust wrap. The stuff doesn't burn. We use it at work to wrap exhaust pipes on diesel engines, from the manifold and on. So far my exhaust has lasted a year. Regular 2-stroke packing last about a week. I hope this helps.

Go to a local sheet metal shop where they fabricate duct work. The insulation they use to line the inside of the duct works awesome and its free. I am a sheet metal contractor and have used it for years. We always have scraps that work perfect. It has steel wool in it as well as fiberglass and has a coating to keep it together. Hope that helps!

2001 426 Big gun race system, pro action suspension, talon hubs and black excel rims.

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