What is the colour code of a 2006 WR250F steel frame

Hi, i want to paint my frame but cant find the colour code anywhere? It a dark blue with a slight purple tint to it maybe?

Its the same colour as this one

I bought a can off this stuff and its a much lighter colour than whats already on the bike


Any help would be much appreciated

Yamaha call it "bluish purple"

Search for something like that.

You want to contact a Yamaha motorcycle dealer's parts dept. in the UK (one that is up on how things are done) and ask who/what the official supplier of paint is for Yamaha motorcycles over there.

Over in the USA, a company called Color Rite sells the paint.

Look at this:


The full name of the color is Deep Purplish Blue Metallic Cocktail (DPBMC).

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Great stuff, thanks

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