bike settings 2002 426fp

I race motocross Im new to 4 strokes do you set them up to idle and do you adjust the throttle for no free play

Yes you need it to idle. Especially when and if you brake slide into a corner, most common stall point. I like my throttle alittle on the tight side. I found there's so much more usable power with a four stroke of this magnitude and you get more engine braking to boot. All adds up to advantage in my book. ---- 2001 YZ 426F ------1996 XR 650L :)

Forgot to mention factory springs are for someone at 150 pounds. Seem alittle light for me at 180.

I think I'd check your figures. The stock springs are a bit stiff for someone 150 lbs.

I set my idle a little on the high side, so I dont stall it. I'm waiting for my flywheel weight to come in to help. You can take the freeplay out but I found a small amount of free play makes it start eaiser for some reason. stock springs are great for 170 pound rider, my guy tuned it in great for me with just revalveing front and back.

After "checking my figures" I see on page 7-18 of the 426 manual that the standard spring is 110 to 154 pounds. The stiff spring is rated at 154 upwards of 176 pounds. -- 2001 YZ 426 F ------- 1996 XR 650 L :)

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