triple clamp advise 2002 426 f

Is it better to run rubber mounts what do you think of applieds flex wrap top clamps running pro taper cr hi bend

H bomb,

I've never personally had a problem with the vibration of the engine causing arm pump and now that you mention it I can't think of a single 400/426 owner who has selected rubber mounts. Go solid!

Thump on!


I slapped on a set of Applied uppers and MC bend Pro's - They are a great improvement!!!!!

You'd like them. I'm 5'9"

do you run rubber mounts

Check this out!

These guys sent me a sponsorship for 10% and a trpl clmp for 249 instead of 279.

Looks pretty cool and useful.

I pastrana and antinez use it and their susp. they can't be that bad!


They are not bashfull about saying "they ARE the MOST expensive 3clamp on the market! But well worth it" :)3clamp

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