WR426 - Bad CDI box?

So I wanted to ask this question to hopefully people who know more about these bikes than I do so here it goes....

I recently took my 426 into a repair shop to get my decomp cam installed along with getting my carb tuned and jetted correctly so it would idle perfectly. It idled before but it sounded a little off. After a week the shop calls me back and tells me that I may have an electrical issue and they were trying to figure it out. Another day goes by and they tell me that my CDI box is what is causing my issue. Now the bike will only idle with the choke fully engaged. As soon as I press the lever back in it instantly dies. Does this sound like the CDI box to any of you, or does it sound like they screwed up the jetting (they upped me to a 50 jet, almost 4 bigger than before) and they are trying to get more money out of me?

And if it could be the CDI box does anyone know if the boxes between the YZ and WR's are interchangable?

If you are talking about a 50 pilot jet, get your bike back from these idiots, pay with a CC, and then cancel it.

The passage above your pilot jet is clogged, causing an ultra lean condition, requiring the choke to be on to run.

You can't look at a carb without looking at EVERYTHING in the carb. They all work together.

If they are servicing the carb, they should be removing it, and inspecting (and if needed, servicing) the slide plate, needle valve and seat, apump diaphragm, pilot passage, pilot jet, needle jet, choke plunger, hot start plunger, and apump nozzle.

Any thing else is a waste of time on a motor that old.

A CDI either works or it doesn't.

Your Stator can go bad giving you a intermittent spark, but that would not be just at idle.

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Thank you. That is what I was thinking but I wanted to bounce my ideas out there and see if people agreed. Thank you for your insight.

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