Bye Bye 426

Long story making it short I got hurt at work 8 months ago had a knee operation and my knee not the same.

I still love to ride but at 51 years old I going to switch to a cruiser street bike they don't beat on you no where as much.

So I selling the 426 My heart still for off road but the old body has been telling me stop for a while now but this bad knee pushed me over the top.

I started to ride at 8 years old it been a very fun long road and wound not give up the experience for the world.

Bye Bye 426.

http://s285.photobuc...ow/Yamaha Sale

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Don't worry I'll carry the torch, I'm getting this on friday.


Why not just pick up something with E-start and keep on riding?

Theirs more to it than E-Start my KTM 560 had it E-Start but I cant squeeze the bike with my legs like I like when I ride with out getting lots of knee pain and I like to stand when I ride off road you need to squeeze the bike or it come out from under you.

I Sold the 426 yesterday now riding a 2009 Honda ST1300 nice bike very user friendly.

After riding it for a hour My knees where not hurting, beside my back old and worn out also.

Why not just pick up something with E-start and keep on riding?

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