Does this need to be replaced yet?

I just got a new Z-start pro and before I install it I wanted to see if this basket is too worn out. I have also heard of people temporarily filing the grooves out. I do plan to get a new one soon. How long do you think this one has?

clutch 2.JPG


That's pretty beat up. Looks ready to be replaced to me.

Any advice on replacements? I was thinking hinson, anyone know the best place to get a good deal. Or a different brand with good quality and possibly less cost.

I like the Hinson stuff, but there are a lot of good ones. TT Store has all of that. Check the condition of the cushion rubbers in the drive gear, both before you take it apart and once they're out. Look for torsional slack between the gear and basket, and the physical condition of the cushions. Barnett and Hinson both carry replacements.

All the aftermarket offerings that are billet are nice but I think the Barnett basket is the best. They use stainless steel insets that the plates ride on. Therefore only the inserts wear and you just replace them. Even the billet pieces can still get notched under hard use but with the Barnett put in new liners and your good to go.

In theory if u watch it and replace the inserts before it wears into the basket it should last forever. I've put over 300 hours one mine and only replaced the inserts twice as a preventative measure. My 2 stroke is over 200 hours as well

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