99' wr400 hot start


New to the forum, but have been looking at other discussions for a few months, you guys seem to know what your talking about:) I'm I have been slowly rebuilding a 99 model wr400 and have found the answers to all questions on this site but one. The previous owner took the hot start button off for some reason and I'm not too sure how It goes back on. I know where it mounts to the frame and I know one side goes to the air box but does the other side go directly to the barrel or to that pump thing on the side of the carby first? I'll try to upload photos of what I have. Any help would be appreciated:)

the carby DSC_00481.jpg

the hot start botton/switch DSC_00491.jpg

where the air enters the chamber DSC_00501.jpg

there the button mounts to the chassis DSC_00531.jpg

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