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I hope you can point me in the right direction. I have not evolved when it comes to electrics when I see the understanding some of you have for them. I have a 04 WR that has a Baja Designs DS kit. It came from another bike. Everything works as it should to my knowledge but the ability to kill the engine with the kill switch or turn the engine off with the key. The engine will stop running when I push the Igniton button that is mounted on the triple clamp.

A call to BD led me to a polite man that didn't impress me as a tech support guy. I'm not saying he wasn't helpful, just not helpful to my problem. With the products BD puts out I thought they would have an electrical engineer working tech support

I thought someone here might have an idea I can build on

Also what setting do I click on my multi meter to show my stator is charging the battery correctly?


BD has many employees.

The smart ones don't answer the phone. You can ask for a higher level of tech support.

Just remember, it's not free. If you did not buy something from them recently, they have no obligation to even talk to you.

They get hundreds of calls a week from people trying to get free information about dual sport lighting wiring.

Just ask for a wiring diagram. If they are reasonably convinced you are an actual customer, they will send you one.

There are many different ways to wire a DS harness. BD does the simplest method: the key shuts of all power to everything and grounds the ignition system.

I prefer the key to not shut off the lighting, as if you want to really comply legally, and be safe on the road, you lights should work with the engine off, and no key.

I use the headlight switch to power all the lighting. Switch off = no lights accept brake light indicator. Switch on = all lighting /signals work with running light over license plate.

That way if I break a turn signal light off road during the day, nothing can short out, cause all the circuits are dead already.

You want your MM on 20v -ish range, DC.

You hope to see 14++ volts at idle, and less than 12-13 engine off.

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