3rd/4th gear Died

Well, it finally happened. My 00' tranny finally had some of the trouble I've been hearing so much about. 3rd gear gave up today at a sand track in Orlando, bummer of the day was it was second trip out on the track. I was riding most of the time on hard pack in Georgia, I guess the load from the deep sand, am I mean DEEP, was too much....

I miss the Red Georgia clay already. Getting used to the sand again will take a few rides, but that will have to wait until the blue beast is fixed..........

What are your shifting habits? Do you shift under power without using the clutch? I'm merely curious. I have a '00 and it has been stone cold reliable so far.


I do shift without the clutch in the air, during braking, bad 2-stroke habit maybe, although I do use the clutch when under a load. Until today it had never missed a shift, last time I changed my oil, there was a little more metal shavings on the filter than normal, could have been a warning??

I'm not a pro mechanic, but I'll venture to guess that enough more metal for you to notice the difference cannot be a good thing. :)

Do you ever ride at Thundercross in Okeechobee?

When I upshift, I let off the throttle...ALWAYS. Now, this is not always with the clutch. If I don't have enough time to let off the throttle for the shift, then, I'll stay in gear and pin it. Since I use stock gearing, I have the option of short-shifting or revving. It really depends upon the soil/traction at the time. If it's a slippery approach to a jump, I'll short-shift and use the 4-stroke tractability. If the traction is good, I'll roll on the throttle and rev it high with a full burst at take-off. The full-burst is really fun because it feels like a rocket launch. I pity the guy behind me as he gets a face full of roost.

Sorry to hear about your gearbox!

I know 2 guys w/the '00 YZF that have had similar problems. & another that had one of those weak clutch baskets (grenaded and locked up the tranny-fortunately Yam warrantied/fixed). If you do a search, I think you will find that this has been a problem w/many '00's.

Good luck fixing it.


Yeah, I do basically the same thing as you, I'm going to drop a tooth of the back, returning to stock. Hopefully that will help a little, it just felt like I wasnt getting good drive out of loose corners.


I just got back down here, was up in Atlanta for a while, but you can bet I'll be down there soon. Hows the track down there, heard they made some changes??

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