Never in my Wildest dreams!!!!!!!

So I am sitting at work minding my own business and my wife calls me and asks me "what time are you coming home today?" I give her the standard answer of, "I am off @ 3:30 I will see ya around 3:45", and she tells me, don't be late!! I get home and the kids are gone, and i am thinking (this is gonna be good), but she says lets go on a date and not a normal date where she chooses where we go, and what we do and I (me) just follow along. I respond , that's fine w/ me. In the car she is telling me about going to Javier's in Laguna Beach, but wants to stop by Mission Yamaha on the way there because she knows that is what I want to do. I am thinking pretty cool, I always try to get her to go w/ me and my son down there (Yamaha) to look at bikes (but she never goes). We get ther and she knows (because I tell her) that my son and I sit on the bikes we would like to have and she asks me which one do I like. So I look around and spot a YZ426F and point it out to her. She asks me to sit on it and as I am walking over to it, I notice a red 'sold' sticker on it. I turned the sticker over and MY NAME was on it. At this point I am totally blown away and speechless and our three kids come in the door and tell me Merry X-Mas. WOW!!!! But it doesn't end there. I notice a little PW50 next to my bike and I ask myself "No way, not again." She had that one nailed down for my son also. Now my son is doing back flips down the ailes of Mission Yamaha (he is 5 1/2). WOW AGAIN!! What a day. As I was driving home I was reflecting back to 1990 when I sold my 1989 RM250 to pay the rent one month when things were tight and she remembered and told me that I was long over due. Guys, I have been on Phil's site and Thumpertalk for over 8 months and I am elated to finally be able to say. SEE YA AT THE TRACK (with my son, of course).

Sorry so long, just wanted to share my day w/ fellow riders.

P.S. How do I get this stupid smile off of my face??

God Bless,



All I can say is congratulations, Sparky. That is some lady you have there! That is excellent, excellent news. Way to go and you and your son will have the best memories EVER! :)

I just got a '99 YZ400 yesterday. My first thumper to mess with and my newest bike since 1982 (CR80)!! I just now upgraded from a 1980 IT425!

I am also in SoCal. Off to Stoddard Valley this weekend!

Does your wife have an unmarried sister?

Wow, you've got a keeper there! What a woman. You will have to tell us when you will be at the track with your wife so we can all bring our wives to hang out and chat with her for a while. Maybe some of that coolness will wear off. :) Congrats!

wow thats the coolest thing I heard. thats great

good luck and you and your son have tons of fun.

:) ...

That's wonderful Sparky.

Hope you and your son have a great time on your new bikes.


That is totally awesome! Gongrats to you and your son. Have fun.

Wow - I just thought of something - what are you getting her for X-Mas :)



"every time a guy gets a dirt bike from his woman for x-mas, an angel gets his wings..." isn't that the way "It's a wonderful life" ends? LOL

wow, you got a great lady there. enjoy... oh, have fun with the bike, too. :D ..

here's a thought,... get her a xr200 or ttr125l or sumthin for x-mas so you can make riding trips family trips and she can share in the memories. I hear honda and yamaha are both offering holiday bonus bucks and delayed payments right now... :)

That's what I like to read first thing on a Monday morning.. Congrats!!

I love the Christmas season!!

I know exactly how you feel! One year ago, we had friends over

for dinner. After dinner, my buddy asked me to check out the inside

of my trailer as he wanted some ideas for what to do to his newly

purchased trailer. Imagine my surprise when I opened the trailer

and found a spankin' new 426 inside.... gotta love that!

Congrats and enjoy the bike!


PS, my tranny gave up yesterday at the track. Hopefully it isn't anything major.. :)

No doubt, best thing I have heard this morning!! Man I just wish I could find a woman that loves motorcycles as much as me!! You have definitely got a keeper there. Have a blast and merry Christmas!! :):D

I think i found her!!!!!

i went out with a girl from work last night. 1 yr younger than me. i found out she liked me, so i asked her out, and we went to dinner and we were talking, and we have like almost everything in common. she knows how to ride... used to do it a lot... knows how to work on cars...knows how to build computers, a straight A's honors student, totally against drugs, alchohol, and smoking,....

she's smarter than me...

but she's too hard on herseelf... i told her she was amazing, but she was just like "no i'm not ,...i'm boring"

i was like "how can you call youself boring"

she's like "i just am. i'm dumb, ugly, and uninteresting"

i was like "no you're not, you beautiful, smart, and incredible"

she's like "no i'm not"

i m like "yes you are"

she's like " no i'm not"

i'm like "yes,you are"

she's like" ...

wel, you get the pic. i finally got her to accept a compliment. she won't let me spoil her like all my ex's did. she doesn't want a lot of $$$ spent on her. what i'm trying to say is that i've gone out with other girls, but never found anyone like her before...something special...

guess that had nothing to do with the topic., but i hope to someday be as happily married as one of you guys.i'm only 18, though and got a long ways to go. :)

later :D

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Snifff....Sniffff.... :):D:D


Count your lucky stars!! My ex-wife would not even go into the garage because my bikes were in there. She hated everything to do with motorcycles and motocross. Now that I think about it...maybe it was me she hated?? :)

My new love (and wife) rides and has even been out to the track to try it out for herself. When she pulled off of the pee-wee track after about three laps she said...."I just don't know how you guys can ride the big track for so many laps". I have had to learn how to ride a horse and believe me....I'll take the bike any day!!!


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Hey Holeshot,

That was funny - how the hell did you do that?



Hey man,

Just to let you know, the smile never goes away. I don't care how many times I crash, or how bad the bike gets wadded, when I'm out riding with my dad and brother, it just don't get no better than that.


That's f-ing hilarious. I got a good laugh out of that one!


Sparky, You just might be the luckiest man alive, not for getting an awsome scoot but for having a woman that really wants you to be happy. That took alot of love man!!!! You really need to make it up to her!!!! Im talking roses,dinner etc.....

Dan :):D


Get her a YZ250F. :)

My wife spent 8 years trying to get me to ride ( I thought I was being strong). Last year I caved. 3 bikes a new truck and a bunch of gear later. :D

Up to my exaust pipe in debt :D and lovin' it!

Next stop The track. Braaaaap!

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