octane booster, harm or help

well ive heard both ways on this guys, can octane booster hurt these motors, if its used in a little amount, i had tried a tiny bit in hopes it might clean out the exhuast area a little?

If you don't mind doing a bit of research, go to www.dirtrider.net and do a search on this topic. You will get some some top-notch info.

mat - I must be honest with you, I have been using 93 unleaded since I had my bike and I'm not experiencing any pining or knocking whatsoever.But this was mostly ‘freshly’ pumped, the longer fuel ‘stands’ the more octane it looses(this also depends on temperature, the container you use etc..), I make a point of it to use ‘fresh’ gas as often as I can.

<font color=”green”> So, in my opinion, you don’t really need octane booster at all, if you use ‘freshly’ pumped gas.

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