2007 wr450 ignition switch by pass ?

Is there a way I can bypass the ignition switch ( on/off) switch on my 07 wr450

Im looking to just use the kill switch and starter button id like to keep the lights wired on

I am also looking not to run the computer at all

There is a way but you will have to give up estart. The cdi requires 12 volts to run the bike. You can jumper the red and brown wires going to the switch but the battery will drain in short order. You can remove the battery and go kickstart only but that's the only way. The headlight runs off an entirely different circuit and will not be affected either way.

If I left the ignition switch pluged in and left head light pluged in will the bike run with out computer

I switched my sup and triple trees from a 09yz250

And im running a gpr so there's not much room or mounts for computer

Thanks in advance


By computer I'm going to assume you mean the odometer and not the cdi box? If so yes you can remove it.

Ok thank you

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