Honda Rancher 420 AT shifting problems



I have a 2011 Honda Rancher 420 AT 4x4 with 460 miles on it.

It has the auto and electronic shift.

It recently has had trouble shifting from neutral to first when the engine is cold. Now when driving in automatic it will go first, second, and then bang into fourth.

Using the electronic shift, I can shift first through third usally and then it gets buggy and will skip 4th or not go to 5th or just not go in any gear at all and dispay a dash.

I took it for a test drive tonight and it wouldn't get into gear once I got halfway down the driveway and showed a trouble code of "32" which is fail safe relay malfunction. I am attempting to keep shifting it and see what triggers the code again.

I rocked the atv back and forth and got it to shift back to neutral after i got the trouble code and shifted into drive by rocking it again and it was fine after that.

Things I have tried: Cleaned shift motor (wasn't that dirty)

Changed oil. Used rotella 10w 30 synthetic

Changed rear and front diff oil. Used marine quality gear lube. SAE 80

Things I have not tried: Manually shifting and anything with the angle sensors

Clutch adjustment

Any guesses or advise is appreciated.


Just in case anyone has a similar issue.

We took the ATV to our dealer where they diagnosed it as a faulty shift angle sensor. Honda replaced it free of charge. Back to normal shifting

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