concussion from bike jumping out of gear

Hey guys,

I was hurt pretty bad 2 weeks in a row due to my bike (01'426) jumping out of 2nd gear. Last week I was in the woods in a section of whoops that I was doubling. Out of nowhere the bike jumped out of gear on the face of a whoop and dove into the face of the next one. I went over the bars and landed on my head and right shoulder. When I woke up a few seconds later, I was seeing double and realized that I dislocated my right shoulder, it popped back in right away but it was told that I had also suffered a slight concussion. Yesterday, I felt ok, so I went riding. I was doing a small gap jump (about 25') all day and out of nowhere the bike jumped out of second gear again on the takeoff. The bike didnt clear the gap, but luckily I did, and ended up planting my face on the landing slope. My helmet face guard shattered and I was knocked out again. I got a black eye, bruised forehead and jaw and another concussion. Now Im afraid to jump this thing again. Has anybody else had this problem with their bike?



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No, I haven't, but I did fall out of the back of my truck after several hot laps a couple weeks ago. Bruised thigh, sore ribs, and title of "dopey" for the day. :)

Hey I did the fall out of the truck trick too! Only it was while walking the bike down the ramp and it bent my subframe a tiny bit because the bike landed upside down on the seat. But I managed to do a superman over the wreckage and avoid injury (except to my dignity that is..).

weird. i'd stick away from jumping if i were you. and i'd go to your local yamadealer and find out why your bike might be doing this.

i've never fallen out of a truck (close, though), but i have been thorwn off of a trailer. i was unloading my buddies' bike from my flat trailer and it sprung up unexpectantly hard and threw me across the trailer and halfway ontot he ground. the other half of me (leg) was stuck on the trailer, pinned on the bike. :):D

Grounded guitars, there is any old saying: fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

Perhaps your second gear dogs are worn. Now would be a good time to tear it down and investigate/fix this. That will give some additional time to recover from the concussions, which are to be taken seriously. If you blacked out, it was not a slight concussion.

Thanks for the words of wisdom Scott, but after the first crash, I thought that I had may have accidently shifted into neutral while bouncing through the whoops. But before the second crash I shifted into 2nd and about 3 seconds later the bike jumped to neutral right as I was on the face of the takeoff jump...It was a bad feeling knowing what was about to happen. Now I believe the bike jumped out of gear and caused the first crash.

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Let me just advise everyone here of something.

In nearly all professions, the guy that knows the most is usually the one speaking in the fewest words, but conveying the most wisdom. And usually, this knowledge is seldom heard or understood in our own hurried attempts to resolve the questions we seek answers to.

In our motor sports careers (be them profitable or not) we learn similar lessons as we all head towards a greater understanding.

Some of us only make it so far before we either wither away, get ourselves killed, or just continue to repeat the same mistakes.

If we live long enough, we soon realize that we essentially repeated all the same mistakes of all those before us. Only when our time comes to learn the next lesson, does the knowledge associated with the answer make any sense to us.

So how many times does one have to hit his head before they realize that something is wrong with the bike? Usually twice. Then in the future, they know better to get off the track for a little safe testing before something really serious happens to them.

The moral of the story? When something goofy happens that has never happen before, find out the relevance of it before you are faced with it again, in a more dangerous situation. This includes weird noises.

The other moral of the story is, when ScottF writes, he speaks with few words.


It is not unusual for this bike to jump out of gear. That is just one of the five major issues that TTers have brought to light over the past year. There are a lot of new members on the site that are reliving and re-experiencing the same unfortunate events as those from months and months past.

Basically, once the bike develops some unusual characteristic (like mine - C-Shaft ticking with each revolution while in neutral) it should NOT be trusted until it soaks up a grand or two of your money for tear-down and rebuild.

So - be carefull.

Dave, on your dissertation ???????????????????

Well said Dave!

Flyingguitars your answer is there.

I'll check out the second gear dogs and see if they are worn. Im just curious to see if others are experiencing the same problem. My bike did this a few times after break in, but I thought that I had nudged the shift lever with my new boots (treated myself to new boots when I picked up the bike). Anyway, the bike has shifted fine and stayed in gear for the last year until the first accident last week. I initially thought it was me (my foot) because I was bouncing though whoops. Yesterday, I rode for about 3 hours before the 2nd crash. The bike didnt jump out of gear until the crash. The jump has a smooth run up that allows you to get good footing and body positioning and my foot was nowhere near the shift lever. Now Im sitting here with a smashed up face, black eye, and the worst head and neck injury and pain that ive ever experienced, my wife is ragging on me to sell the bikes once and for all, giving me the old "youve got a family to support" (just as I was about to get my son a pw-50 for Christmas) and I post this topic to warn other yzf riders and maybe get some transmision insight and I get a moral of the story post! Come on Dave...sounds like a reach around to me or maybe my parents are posting here.

Oh yeah, my '00 has no problem with 2nd gear but it will jump back into 3rd sometimes on high rpm/no clutch shifts to 4th gear.

Hey, I thought Dave's post was pretty funny in a lighthearted way. Alot of truth for all of us in what he said.

fg, nobody is on your case. We are trying to help. I can only think of three possible scenarios for what happened to you.

We have all accidentally knocked the shifter into neutral. You say that didn't happen this time, so maybe the trans is the problem. The only other remote possibility is that something else (like a flying rock) hit your shifter and knocked it into neutral.

I hope you resolve it soon and enjoy many more days in the saddle with your son.

It sucks to not know for sure about these things. Last year my new CR250 did the same thing coming up to a steep SX double next thing I know whaaaaaaa... big step off over the bars. Out for the count and split a 1 month old helmet straight up the side. Still have the bike, and knock on wood, no trouble sense. But from now on I am ALWAYS on the gas feeling the motor pulling strong off any jump. No more last second whack of the throttle/snap of the clutch.

PS. I've had the fall out of the back of the pickup thing happen too. Broke my F'n ankle!

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