should I be worried? 2008 yz450

I have been riding my 2008 for well close to 5 years, its been mostly trail ridden but I recently started doing some local hare scrambles and things have started to pop up. I was trail riding at a relatively quick pace through tight single track and didnt notice my water pump seal had failed and when I got back to the truck the radiators needed to be filled. I dont know how hot it got the temps were in the 60s that day and it rained for the most part. but now that I replaced the water pump seals it wont stay running at idle, I have messed around with idle and fuel settings. and now I notice quite a bit of air coming from the breather and oil fill( which to my understanding isnt too big of a deal)

My next step is to check the valve clearence but I am also worried about piston blow by. with the choke pulled out the bike will stay running but once the choke is in the bike wants to stutter and stop with no throttle it also is back firing quite a bit on engine breaking.

Any thoughts first steps second steps?

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