McGrath at Carlsbad Grand Prix

McGrath smoked Pastrana at the Carlsbad Grand Prix yesterday (Sunday). Mac rode 4, 45 minute motos back to back and won all of em with at least a 60 second lead. Pastrana was riding a moto version of the DRZ400 and it was a pig. In my opinion the transmission gearing was too far apart for that motor to pull hard enough to stay with Mac. You could hear Pastrana shift from 2nd to 3rd and upon doing so, his power band fell flat on its face. The DRZ was geared tall for the 3, 1/4 mile paved asphalt sections, but still couldn't pull hard enough to stay with Mac's 250 which sounded like a 500cc world GP road racing bike as he streaked down the paved sections.

Mac & Pastrana were the only two current national mx pro's there (that I know of), so the local pro's didn't stand a chance. They finished 1,2.

I believe the track was an 8 mile course (or was it 8 minutes a lap?) with a mixture of paved asphalt, single track, and motocross sections. I have not been found of Coast Racing's program at Carlsbad, but I must commend them on an excellent event. Well done guys!

I sandbagged at the insistance of my buddies (who are over 40 nov and me, 37 mid pack intermed) and rode the 40 nov class. I was running second as myself and the leader were working our way through traffic (back markers of the previous classes) when I stalled in a blind hairpin trying to avoid a slower rider. By the time I restarted I was dead last and fought my way through to about mid pack only to stall yet again to repeat the process. I'll know in two weeks where I finished. It was my first Grand Prix and I have to say, it was a blast!

p.s. Mac stole all my lines! :)

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