So after 20yrs of not playing in the dirt...I broke down and bought a very well maintained 2006 WR450F. Other than being a bit heavier.....it reminds me of the last bike I had (92 yz250)! Long story short....I went out with friends last weekend to really give it a workout (or me). Wound up crashing into a water hole. When I picked the bike up out of the water.....it seems there was a buried stump in the bottom of the hole and one of the roots sticking out of it managed to go my left radiator. Bike was a lot heavier with a tree stump hanging off it! Anyway....Ive been reading post on the forums here and just not sure what to do. OEM replacement is out of the question due to price. Kind of leave me a couple of options.

1) Send it to Mylers and see what they can do with a soup can size hole.

2) Order a replacement from Mylers but because I'm the way I am and don't want 2 different radiators....buy the left and right for


3) Buy one of the made in china sets I see on ebay for $70-$100 (or 120.00 if I want the silicone hoses with it)

I'm leaning towards the ebay ones. Ive read mostly good about them, but read a few horror stories as well. Does anyone know if one set it better than another ( GPI Racing, Winner Racing, ZPC Sports...etc)

Felt pretty good to eat dirt and swim in a mud pit again!!!

Any help here would be greatly appreciated!!!

I heard the ebay ones are larger than stock. there was a guy on here who did a direct comparison, they looked pretty nice.

I replaced the one on my old WR250 with one of the china ones for like $65. It was MUCH heavier and well constructed. I loved it.

If you don't mind an extra 6-8oz. of weight, I'd do the china ones. The hoses all connected fine. The plastic shroud needed to be pushed in a little, but you couldn't tell by looking at it.

Just grab a used one off eBay or CL... I just got a set for my yz250 for $50 on Craigslist to replace a mashed up left side and have a spare right side for when that one gets ruined.

I bought a set of GPI rads on ebay for $80 a while back for my KX250 and they were of good quality and i had no issues with them, they were oversized ones and fit perfect.

Rad guards are a good investment. take the money you saved on the ebay rads and buy guards too.

This is an absolute no brainer.   Buy the chinese radiators off of ebay.    They are bigger and stronger than the stock ones.   You will notice a big increase in the cooling and they will be much sturdier.



Here are the picks of when I compared the $100 chinese radiators to the stock ones off of an 05 wr450.  Mine were dented and I made a good choice.






I wound up picking up a used oem but will probably order a set of the Chinese ones off ebay as well as a set of guards. Thanks for the input guys!

I wish I'd seen the side by side comparison before I got the used oem! Looks like everything is in the right place and would have bolted up just fine! Thanks again!

Use a jumper hose and run with one radiator.  Stay off single track.

I see the logic in the Chinese replacement, except the Chinese part :rolleyes: 


I have used Mylers a number of times with great success and service :thumbsup:  :thumbsup: 

LOL......I did send photos to Mylers and they said I had one that even they couldn't fix, but they set me up with a nice used OEM. Thanks for all the input!

I bought a set of the Chinese radiators off ebay for $85.  They were slightly narrower than stock but much thicker and have worked fine.  The radiator gaurds needed a slight mod to make them fit.  

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