Stock clicker settings?

I've searched and looked in the manual. All I can find is suggested starting points and why you should adjust them. Does anyone have the actual factory clicker settings for the shock and forks? Thanks, Bill.

Assuming you have a reasonably late 450 (and since you didn't bother to tell us what you have, we have no idea) the standard settings will be noted in the manual in section three. The '07, for example finds them on pages 3-35 and 3-38.

Those are the actual factory specs in the manual. Those are suggested starting points. You then fine tune from there.

And not to stray too far off the OP's question or the good replies, but there's nothing wrong with setting everything in the middle and then fine tuning one end at a time, one adjustment at a time. Get the clickers set where they are good for 90% of terrain and a few clickes either way should cover the other 10% of terrain.

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