more out of my wr426

Hey guys im just chasing some advise on my 02 wr426, after riding my brothers husaberg 570 ive noticed my bike has nowhere near as much snap in bottom end acceleration. Im not expecting to match it with his bike however a bit more bottom would be good. As far as mods go its pretty stock just had the airbox lid removed and #170main jet installed. What are some mods I could do to help this and also I have my eyes on a yz400 can, will this fit with my header pipe or are they different dimensions? Also im in oz so messing with the throttle stop and grey wire mod wont help but I was considering the yz timing, will this improve bottom end or just mid-top power ?

I'm no expert but I have a WR400 and I have mates with 426's. They are not quick off the line but they are excellent for mid-range torque. I changed the rear sprocket for a larger one to give me a bit more bottom end and now it keeps up with my mates 610 Husky through the trees

thanks mate I was considering a sprocket change aswell , how many extra teeth did you go?

I grabbed a mates 50. He had a 14 front with the 50 but wanted a bit more legs so he dropped to 46 from memory. I'd definitely do both if your going to change

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