Vacuum Tubes

I took apart my carburetor and cleaned it a little. I took it off because of an idle and full throttle bogging. None of the jets were clogged, I sprayed carb cleaner to just make sure. My question is are my vacuum tubes correct. I have searched for diagrams, but none show the correct tubing. The black piece to the left of the carburetor. Any help would be much appreciated. Also it is a pain to start now worse than before lol. And it has a new spark plug in it.

Since you didn't say what kind of bike you have, how would anyone know?

Lol sorry forgot that part was in a hurry when I wrote that. It's a 1998 Yamaha yz400f. Sorry bout that lol.

Dosent even look like the sane carb as my 400f


O wow. Then I wonder what carb it is lol. This is odd.

Here is a video of me trying to start it. Right before this I cleaned the jets and carb. I put oil in because it was too low, but wasn't paying attention and accidently filled it up the entire way fml. I'm going to drain it a little in the morning. Near the end of the video you can hear what is sounds like to me air being pushed out. Can anyone help me.

Dosent even look like the sane carb as my 400f

I found out why it doesn't look the same. Its because its a wr400 Carb lol. I guess the guy that traded me the bike didn't know what he was talking about. He said it was a yz but i pulled the diagram of a wr400 carb and it matches mine lol.

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