Race Gas or Not?

I need some opioions on rather to use race gas or not? I have been running it and it seems to eliminate the bog on the bottom end. Let me know what you guys think!

Hey Mxracer,

I'm no expert on this but I tried it and found it not to be worth the extra money. And, as DaveJ showed me, the 426 can run super crisp on pump gas (91 octane here in Ca). Others may disagree and have...if you do a search on "race gas" or "race fuel" you will see a lot of opinions. I guess it comes down to how far you want to go for performance.

Ride On,


my experience with the 91 octane gas has been good except that when it is warm outside or youve been running really hard, it is will be a little harder to start.i run the 91 with maxima octane booster-2oz. per gallon.i have no bottom end lag so for me it works-hope it helps.

This month's issue of MXA has a few page article on fuel. Check it out.

Personally, I just got done trying race gas over the course of a couple week period. I'm going back to pump, I could barely notice any difference and that may have been just wishfull thinking after spending big bucks on race fuel.

Just my .02.

I tried 100 octane mobil gas and the bike ran crisp but wanted to stall in technical areas. The outside temp was about 85 degrees. Seemed like when brake sliding into a hard 180' turn stalled twice ! Pissed me off, so I went back to 93 octane.I suspect it would run exceptionally well with 100 octane and a pro circuit ignition module.In addition a permanent jetting tweak would be necessary if your going to stay with higher octane fuel. :)

Did any of you guys that dumped race fuel in your bikes take the time to re-jet to go along w/the new fuel. Race fuel isn't going to do wonders for any bike if they aren't jetted for it. Do some searches here and on DRN for info posted by Rich regarding Philip's B35 Oxygenated fuel..very interesting and informative. I will be switching to this fuel for next season and have been researching what type of jetting I need to be prepared for. Spend some time on research and maybe you won't feel like you wasted any $$.

dan Rekito

Where do you live in DE ?? Where do you ride ??

There are 4 or 5 of us that live throughout the state that ride together. Three of us have YZF's


Originally posted by Jason in KC:

Did any of you guys that dumped race fuel in your bikes take the time to re-jet to go along w/the new fuel

Jason is absolutely correct. Re-jetting is required for proper performance from the race fuel. If you don't rejet then you cannot expect any gain and more likely than not the bike will run poorly.

I live in So. Cal. and they put more trash into the gas here than you can believe. During this time of the year, they put even more trash into it because of the winter seasaon. We can no longer even get 92 octane as 91 is the highest available.

The bottom line for me is that I like the consistancy I get from race fuel. I know it is going to be a certain octane every time I use it. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.


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I agree totaly! I rejetted my bike to rune race fule and it roars out of the corners! :D:)

Yo john, I'm up here in Newark DE.

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