Clutch Has Poor Disengagement after Stored 5 Years

I just picked up a 2005 WR450F that has mostly sat for the last five years. The carb needed a good cleaning but it runs good. It is on it's first replacement tire in the back and it is very new looking. It only was ridden during it's first two years and it is on original everything except the back tire.

Here is what's going on... Fire it up, let it warm up. Go for a ride. The clutch engages like normal from a cold start and take off. After you are moving and get ready to shift into second, it's got a ton of drag, to the point where if you pull it in, it still will move the bike. It eventually will break free if you come to a stop with the brakes and the clutch pulled in. Then it's the same thing all over once you get going again. It's pretty hard to shift as you would expect because of the drag. It just doesnt seem like it has enough hours to have a worn basket yet.

Could this be lack of oil on the plates from sitting? I have ridden it maybe 2 miles since it's been brought back to life. I have also tried adjusting the clutch even further out than I normally would to try to get it to disengage further. No change, other than a very late engagement at take off.....

Any ideas? I have tried a search, but has anyone had something like this? I know some cold drag is normal, but this is not normal.

If the clutch was fine before its likely that the plates are just stuck together from sitting, put it in gear with the clutch pulled in and try rolling the bike, if it wont roll with the clutch pulled in the plates are probably stuck together. You can rock the bike a bit to free them up, thats what I did on a kx 60 that had similar problems. Let the clutch heat up a bit and it'll be easier.

Well, an oil change and a little more riding seem to have helped. But man, this thing feels notchy. My 2000 YZ426 feels much smoother and that's an abused bike. Seems like intermitent drag. Some shifts are super smooth and some are notchy. Not specific to any gear in particular, random. I suspect the clutch in some form is the issue. Hopefully the oil and temp cycling from the few miles around the neighborhood help. If it doesnt smooth out, I will yank the clutch and have a look...

Thanks for the advice.

Go for an off road ride and abuse the clutch a little, and it will free up.

You've got clutch fiber plates that are partly dryed and partly wet, so they do not disengage in a straight line.

Also, that clutch has a lot of drag stock anyway.

If it persists, you can inspect the basket for notching (probably none), install a clutch lever with a higher ratio (more disengagement with less pull) or even install all inner steels (removing the thicker outer steels) for more disengagement.

I've never owned a WR that didn't require little to no free-play in the clutch lever and a full pull to the bars for complete disengagement, with all stock parts....

Thanks alot guys!

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