wheel bearings?

can wheel bearings be replaced by bearings you buy at a store not through your dealer? like get the #'s on the old bearings and go to a bearing store and get the same thing? this pretaning to yz's cr's kx's and rm's.

Sure can, and you can save $




SKF is a common bearing manufacturer with very high quality control standards. Iv'e bought a couple from NAPA.

Go to AutoZone, O'Reilly, Parts America and you can get the wheel bearings. They are the 202SB Bearings. SB stands for sealed bearings. They come with a lifetime warrenty and only cost 10.00 a piece. So if and when they fail pop them out and take them with your receipt back to the parts supplier for a free replacement.

Living here in Ut we are pretty lucky.

Rocky Mountain is right HERE!

My friend w/WR bought susp bearings and says he save a ton from RM. not sure onthe price? :)

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