You can only choose one...Full T4 Sys/Pumper Carb

I have some money set aside for the 650R and I can't decide whether to get a PC T4 System or a Edelbrock Pumper Carb.

For those who have done both the pipe and the carb......if you could only have one which would it be?

By the way, I'm already running a T4 Exhaust with the stock header.

Is four hundred dollars about right for the Edelbrock. Thats the going rate on ebay, I haven't checked out anybody else.

Thanks, :)


$400 is about right for the Edelbrock, but also check into the kind of support you'll get from the place you plan to buy from just incase you need it. Some places know nothing about the products they sell and some know alot.

I can't answer you on the PCT4. They're a nice looking pipe with clean welds, but quite loud. If the California 96dba sound limit is a concern, then you may want to check with PC to see if they have a solution to address this issue.

Also check out the XR650R pipe shootout article in the Yahoo group under the files section. You might be suprised at the results when looking at the various aftermarket pipes, some of which made less power than the stock pipe with the HRC insert. An aftermarket pipe can really be helpful for specific power needs, especially if you're looking for more top end performance, but some pipes make more top end at the expense of your low end.

Service.......... :smashpc:Probably none! Do I need it? I thought those carbs were pretty easy to set up. It sure would be nice to not have to re-jet ever again, no more flooding....thats good too.

Think I'll notice any power difference if my stock carb is jetted properly? I want it to be crisp like a 125 two stroke.

Am I dreaming?


These carbs are super easy to setup when compared to other carbs, but I've heard a few stories from folks who really had troubles. One guy claimed to be an ASE certified mechanic and had all kinds of problems. He sent the carb back and forth to Edelbrock and it was returned no problem found. He bad mouthed the carb and touted his credentials, etc, etc. Come to find out there really was nothing wrong with the carb and he just didn't know what he was doing.

When I bought my carb back in late 2001, there were more than two dozen XR650R riders who bought this same carb at the same time and only a few of us had problems installing it. Some of those problems came from people taking them apart to see what they were like on the inside before they ever installed it and they lost the check valves for the acclerator pump...hehe! The other problems were from not turning up the idle enough, thus their bike wouldn't start and the last problem was from not twisting the throttle quickly a few times before starting the bike cold to prime the engine, which made starting difficult.

I don't think you'll notice much of a difference in power from 1/2 throttle on up between the Edelbrock and the stock carb if the stock carb is tuned spot on, but you'll notice a difference in throttle response and will gain some power elsewhere in the curve. Unfortunately it still won't feel like a 2 stroke 125, but it will be closer to it than with the stock carb and you'll never have to worry about flooding it. I have them on our XR650R's and on our XR250R's and would definitley buy them again.

Here's a real sweet loooking pipe that I've had my eyes on for sometime now, but I've yet to hear if it will definitely pass the CA 96dba sound requirements and if it's spark arrestor is legal/approved. They were supposed to be doing some sound testing, but it's been months since I've heard from them and I'm guessing it probably didn't pass, but it sure looks like a nice piece.

For some reason I was already leaning towards a carb instead of the headers. Seems to me like you just get more bang for the buck. The only reason I wanted a pipe was because my bro just installed a FMF hiflo with the 14" Titanium muffler and his bike just feels alot more responsive than mine. Seems to pull harder but rev out quicker. Loud as hell too! I need to be stealth sometimes when I'm exploring so the 14' FMF is definately out of the picture. You can literally hear the bike for miles, sounds great to me but it really pisses people off which is no good. His is new though so that may have something to do with the power diference, I'm not sure. Plus they look cooler than the stock heaadpipe. Sounds stupid.....but when you drop close to $500 for something that only you will know is on the bike you aren't as motivated to purchase it. Something about the BLING BLING factor thats lacking when you put on a new carb. I guess my satisfaction will be when he's kicking his flooded pig for twenty minutes and I'm already riding again :D Yeah thats worth the price of admission! :D


I've seen that mowasaki pipe before somewhere(probably your post) and yeah it looks great, pretty long can on that silencer though. I could do some serious damage to that bad boy. But damn!.....that price tag hurts just a little too much!

Well its beer thirty on friday night gotta run :) I'm gonna go donate some of the 650 fund to the local bar.

I would definitely buy the carb. That's my next purchase. :)

Absolutely, positively, no doubt about it: get the Edelbrock carb.

The full pipe alone isnt going to do you much at all-unless you have an opened up airbox, with the cut out side cover- you wont have the flow going thru on the intake end to use the full pipe. In fact it can cut down on your bottom end response with the reduction in back pressure. There are other reasons not to get the Ti header-including heat transfer issues--finally--there is a reason Honda wont race a Ti pipe--only steel has the durability needed over the long term.

The Edelbrock carb is awesome: next time you stall 1/2 way up a rutted hill--it will not flood out--you wont have to do a scarry 180 and bump start it on your way back down the hill. Same thing when ya lay it down. No more exhausting drama kicking and kicking and kicking to get the thing going-on a hot summer day in the desert that expereince can be horrible. It will run perfect from sea level to 7000 feet (or much more)--and where the stock carb cant going from hot dry desert noon time rides to late night foggy/humid rides without sputtering and boackfiring-the Edelbrock doesnt care if its in the desert, jungle or anything in between. Its awesome.

I have run the carb on a 650 for a couple years now--including about 8000 desert race miles-only once did i have a minor issue--and that was from dirt in the fuel line of an auxiliary fuel tank-- the guy i bought it from fixed it for free anyway. My brother got one for his XR400--thing is awesome. Four of my buddies have gone out and bought the carb now-and all are very happy with it.

Get the carb! I got mine from :)

That settles it, I'm ordering one this week. Can't wait to try one out, sounds like the hot ticket!

Thanks for the input guys, saves me the hassel of trial and error! :)


XR954 here on TT has a Moriwaki system on his bike and pjcarlson in the Yahoo group has one too. They both really liked it and raved about the craftsmanship and said it was fairly quiet as well, but also said it had a great exhaust tone too. I've never heard one, but I've seen one and it did look very nice, but I've been waiting for months to hear back from them as to whether their system will have a legal spark arrestor and if it will meet CA's 96dba sound reqs.

Ditto with me on the Moriwaki. Someone in SoCal needs to stock that pipe.

i also have a moriwaki on my bike. fit and finish are beautiful. the welds are works of art. it sound good w/o being too loud, it also has a removable spark arrestor that tones it down. i run mine open. but i also have a tm40 pumper(so i chose both). I think big valley honda in nevada are the only ones that import this exhaust. i would definately recommend it! good luck, jeff

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